Monday, 30 April 2012

Ever since the Guinness Book of World Records deemed Ghost Peppers as the spiciest chili pepper on the planet, it has sent a flood of interest within the Western world. It contains more than one million Scoville units, and is said to have the spice of 300 jalapeno peppers all at once. Ghost peppers are from India originally, and the question is, how one can easily locate these very hot peppers when you they are not at your local supermarket and you can’t cultivate them in your own garden. If one could grow these peppers like cherries in their garden there wouldn’t be an issue but all of us don’t have the right climate.

The dried type of bhut jolokia peppers are the most readily available type to majority of people. Indian stores and markets as well as Indian restaurants always have at least a bag of dried peppers in stock.  Because it is extremely hard to grow, fresh ghost pepper pods are difficult to find. There are within the Canada and the US is private growers who sell their harvest on the local fairs and markets. Several of these ghost pepper growers sell their own produce at online markets like iOffer and eBay; this is why these sites are great places to search for ghost peppers. Several online specialty kitchen shops and stores sell a wide range of ghost pepper form, from sauces, spreads, and fresh pods oils. You can key in ‘where to buy ghost peppers’ in search engines, anyone can immediately visit the websites that sell these peppers. You could certainly try your local produce market to find out if any of the farmers produce ghost peppers. These types are best for true spice lovers as the fresh pods have the entire spice and flavor, not like the crushed dried kind which are normally diluted to minimize the heat.
Ghost pepper is definitely not for all. Many say that the smallest amount of pepper can make any dish actually hot, indigestible mess. In case you’re wondering how hot it is, just imagine licking a hot rod without the flesh being burn or all of your blood rushing into your head. Regardless of these imageries, a lot more persons are taking on the challenge of overcoming the hottest pepper on the planet by finding ways to search for it. So if you think that you’re ready to taste the world’s hottest pepper, you now know how to locate it.